Fugitive serial killer arrested in Qatar

Alleged serial killer Sakeel Hussein, who was absconding after murdering six people, has been arrested in Qatar. Police arrested Hussein, 42, of Tikuliya-7 of Saptari some days ago after his alleged involvement in killing six people in Sunsari and Saptari.

“Process has been initiated to bring him to Nepal,” a police source told Setopati.

He reached Qatar four years ago after the accomplices involved in serial killing were arrested.

The Nepal Police had issued a red notice through the Interpol in the name of Hussein convicted in absentia by the court. It had been coordinating with the Interpol regularly even after he reached Qatar.

“Hussein had been working in a house near the border area of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and the employer hid him when police had reached there to arrest him,” the source said, “He was arrested by Qatar Police on second attempt.”

Police investigations showed that Hussein was involved in killing the relatives of convicted criminals after taking money from them on promise of getting the convicts released.

Hussein had killed Sahabud Miya and his daughter-in-law Sagira Khatun, wife of Mohammad Aalam, of Saptari on September 17, 2012, according to the police.

Hussein took money from┬áSahabud Miya and┬áSagira Khatun with a promise of releasing Miya’s son from prison and killed them later and concealed their bodies under a coop.

Hussein had also murdered Dulari Devi Sah of Jandoul-6 on September 17, 2013. He had killed her after taking Rs 600,000 from Sah to release her husband, Dhirendra Sah, convicted of murder.

Sah’s skeletal remains were later found buried in the Chure jungle at Jandaul-8 by the police on May 10, 2015.

He had also murdered Nirmala Devi Sah, wife of Jayaram Sah, a resident of Trikol-5 on March 5, 2014. Hussein had murdered Sah when she came with Rs 300,000 to meet him after he promised to send her son abroad for foreign employment and took away the money.

He had also killed three people in Sunsari, according to the police.



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