Chitwan DAO announces special security plan in view of Holi

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The Chitwan police have come up with a special security plan, targeting the upcoming Holi or Phagu Purnima, the national festival of colors, which is celebrated for separately two days in hills and tarai.

The District Administration Office (DAO), Chitwan has said that use of a force on others to celebrate the festival has been prohibited. Police would take action against anyone else smearing color to others against their will, throwing water and lolas (water-filled balloons) and causing inconvenience to people in the name of the festival celebrations.

Likewise, the Office has adopted four strategies against ruthless driving, drunk-driving, any activity capable of jeopardizing social harmony and affecting communal tolerance.

Besides, a regular police patrol, special security service unit shall be set up at 24 locations of the market area of the Chitwan Metropolitan City to avoid any untoward incident during the festival. Offender(s) shall be tried under a Public (Offence and Punishment) Act.

This year, the festival falls on March 1 in hills and March 2 in tarai. However, the festival is celebrated both days in Chitwan.



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