Bharatpur Hospital expands pharmacy service

The Bharatpur Hospital’s decision to bring its own pharmacy into operation for convenience of patients has become effective, thus prompting the hospital to expand the service.

Until October 23, 2016, patients had to stay in a queue for hours to buy prescribed medicines from a private sector run pharmacies outside the hospital. Bearing this in mind, the hospital launched a new pharmacy store at its outpatient department (OPD).

According to Hospital Development Committee Chairman Raj Kumar Rajbhandari, different sections were there in the pharmacy for ICU and surgery ward inpatients. As hospital medical superintendent Dr Rudra Marasini stated, medicines are available for patients at a lower prices than in the private pharmacies.

Since the establishment of pharmacy by the hospital itself, it has made a profit of Rs 22 million in the sale of medicines worth over Rs 93 million at subsidized rate.

Over 1,000 patients visit the 600-bed hospital’s OPD daily. Likewise, it records around 9,000 surgery cases every year.



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