Two-year-old girl killed in Kapilvastu fire

A two-year-old girl was killed after a house caught fire at Manpur Danda, Bijayanagar rural municipality-7 in the district on Saturday.

Raj Kumari Yadav, grand daughter of Abahori Yadav was killed in the fire incident in which Yadav’s thatch-roofed house was also gutted, the District Police Office, Kapilvastu said.

The child was sleeping inside the house and all the family members were out working in the field when fire broke out from the hearth and quickly spread. Although the family members became aware of the fire, they could not save the child as the fire quickly engulfed the entire house. Seven goats were also killed in the incident.

The fire damaged goods and property worth Rs 300,000 including Rs 30,000 cash, according to police.



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