NHRC urges govt to protect life of fasting inmates

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has called on the government to address the demands of the 24 inmates at Dhangadhi prison in Kailali and save their life.

Commission secretary Ved Bhattarai, in a press release on Wednesday, said the NHRC’s serious attention was drawn toward the fast-unto-death started by 24 inmates of the Dhangadhi prison since the last four days putting forth various demands. He has also urged the government to address their demands.

A team comprising NHRC member Prakash Sharma Wosti carried out a monitoring of the situation on Wednesday and also sent a letter to the government asking it to address the demands.

The NHRC has, likewise, urged those staging the fast-onto-death protest to call off this sensitive form of protest in connection to getting their demands fulfilled and instead opt for other ways of protests.



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