Chitwan marks World Thyroid Day

Docs say thyroid is controllable, curable

Vector illustration of World Thyroid Day Poster - Medical Concept

Regular intake of medicines will control thyroid and helps cure the condition, endocrinologists say.

Speaking at a public awareness program on thyroid organized by the Pushpanjali Hospital in Chitwan Friday on the occasion of World Thyroid Day, doctors advised people to take precautions as well.

At the program formally began with administering drugs to hospital’s new thyroid patient Dharma Raj Poudel by hospital medical director and physician Dr Bhojraj Adhikari, it was informed that some 50 to 60 percent thyroid patients did not sense any indication about their health status until they visit health facilities.

Thyroid is a medical condition that changes the functions of the thyroid gland.

He advised people to immediately visit health facility for test in case of feeling any sorts of discomforts in body.

There are three types of thyroid problem. When the thyroid gland produces hormones less than a normal range, the condition is medically referred as ‘hypothyroidism’, and the condition the hormones production level exceeds the normal range is called ‘hyperthyroidism’. The third type of thyroid is about structural abnormalities which are caused by an enlargement of thyroid gland and the fourth is related to tumors which can be cancerous.

According to gynecologist Dr Hemnath Subedi, women are more vulnerable to this disease and regular medication helps to live a normal life.

As child specialist Dr Yuwanidhi Basyaula, if a (expectant) mother has the problem, it can be passed to her baby within from the womb, but medication can prevent the situation.

Dr Hemraj Koirala stressed awareness in the context the disease is increasing lately. Of 10 women undergoing checkup for the disease, nine are found suffering, said doctors. A patient is required to be under medication for a required time, but in some cases, lifelong medication is needed, they said.

In a study, 12 percents of the total checkups have been found to be suffering from the disease, said Dr Adhikari. The percent jumps to 24 percents in patients with diabetes.

On the occasion, more than 1,000 had been tested for the disease.



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