At least four Nepalis die of alcohol poisoning in Malaysia

At least four Nepalis died and many more are feared dead of suspected poisoning after drinking alcohol in Klang Valley in Malaysia Monday night.

The Star quoting Selangor police chief Commissioner Datuk Mazlan Mansor reported that 15 persons of different nationalities have died in the incident. He confirmed that at least four of the seven identified victims are Nepalis and added 33 others including Nepalis, Malaysians, Indians and Bangladeshis are being treated in multiple hospitals in Klang Valley.

They had consumed three brands of alcoholic beverages – Mandalay Whiskey, King Fisher Beer and Grand Royal Whiskey – purchased from multiple shops in Klang Valley, The Star reported citing accounts by the victims.

A total of 22 victims were treated in Sungai Buloh, of which seven died, followed by five in Gombak (four died), 19 in Kajang (four died) while the remaining two victims were in Klang and Shah Alam respectively.  “We have to further investigate the matter. We are waiting for the post-mortem reports of those who died,” Commissioner Mansor was quoted by The Star as adding that the case has been classified as sudden deaths.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Bharat Paudel told Setopati that the Nepali Embassy in Malaysia has been instructed to take stock of the incident but details have yet to arrive.



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