International conference of oncologists wraps up

The international conference of oncologists held in Chitwan has concluded on Saturday, stressing on the need of enhancing the cancer treatment through the maximum utilization of the resources and technology available in Nepal.

The three-day conference, which had started on November 2, concluded that since the world-class cancer treatment technology and procedures were not available in Nepal as in other countries, the available resources and technology should be best utilized for this purpose, according to DrĀ  Umesh Nepal, the secretary of the conference organizingĀ  committee.

Foreign specialists had presented 50 research papers including 20 working papers in the conference. There was live demonstration of the cancer operation technology used by the Cancer Hospital in Chitwan.

The conference was organized by the SAARC Federation of Oncologist, Nepal. The conclusions of the conference would be issued as a declaration paper later on after carrying out a review, the organizers said.

According to Nepal, some changes have been made in the process of treating cancer of the oesophagus in Nepal according to the suggestions given by the specialists participating in the conference. He said a kind of outline has been made for treatment in the first phase, second phase and third phase of oesophageal cancer as operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are done simultaneously.

At least 300 oncologists and specialists from Nepal, India, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore, Canada, Turkey and America had taken part in the conference.



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