Private company to start production of anti-venom first time at home

Here is good news for the general public and especially the government which is often criticized of failing to ensure sufficient supply of anti-venom for treatment of snakebite cases. The production of snake anti-venom used in the treatment of snakebite is to start for the first time in the country.

The production is to take place from the private level.

The Anti-Snake Venom Serum Research and Production Pvt Limited Sunsari is to begin the production in Mahendranagar of the district. Information about this was shared at a press meet here today.

At a press meet, company chair Laxmi Prasad Phuyal said the company is investing around Rs. 890 million to set up the anti-snake venom manufacturing facility. Its product will be available in the market within the next three years.

Before starting the manufacturing of anti-venom, the company will work with the projects related to management of skilled human resources and construction of infrastructure. It targets to supply products to foreign countries after meeting the demand at home.

The company plans to provide employment to 400 people, making the country self-sufficient in anti-venom production.

Currently, the government annually imports 30 thousand vials of anti-venom worth Rs 40 million and provides to medical facilities free of cost for the treatment of snakebite patients.

Chairman Phuyal said that physical infrastructure construction would be started after getting approval for the establishment of the company from the government. He said they had to struggle for four years to set up the company in lack of laws for production of anti-venom medicine.

Now, patients suffering from snake bite undergo treatment from the medicine imported from India. The victims would receive the treatment in easy and smooth manner if such medicine is produced in Nepal.

Technical Advisor of the Company, Dr Jagannath Rai said the anti-venom would also be exported to foreign countries after producing it as per the standard of the World Health Organisation.

As per the data of the WHO, out of 100,000 people, 162 people die from snake bites in the world every year.



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