103 college-goers driving without license detained

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division Tuesday alone has detained as many as 103 college-goers (10+2) for driving two-wheelers without driving license.

An hour-long emergency checking was started from 6 Tuesday morning in Manbhawan and Kumaripati areas of Lalitpur district following the directives issued by the Chief of Metropolitan Traffic Police Division DIG Sarbendra Khanal in an attempt to control the increasing rate of accidents involving students.

Around 200 students riding two-wheelers were checked.  The special initiative has been taken, according to DIG Khanal, following an increase in numbers of death of students in accidents.

Chief of Lalitpur Traffic Police Inspector Sitaram Hachhethu informed that those who are driving without license, speeding up and driving bikes without any clear number plate have been detained. “We’ve detained 103 students driving bikes without license and those who are riding bikes with three people,” he said.

Hachhethu said that detainees will be handed over to their parents with a promise that they will not be allowed to drive two-wheelers without license in the coming days. Each detainee will have to pay Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 in fine.




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