Wire mesh fence for reducing park-people conflict

Minister for Forests and Soil Conservation Bikram Pandey has said a wire mesh fence would be constructed in settlements adjoining with the Chitwan National Park to reduce the park-people conflict.

Addressing an election campaign gathering held at Brahmapuri of Madi here on Tuesday, he said the people need not suffer from the wild animals straying from the national park with the construction of this structure.

“Madi would be developed into an attractive touristic city and a tourist route constructed by building an extensive embankment along the Riu stream,” he announced.

According to him, preparation is on for constructing the embankment along the Riu at an investment of two billion rupees.

Pandey, who is running for the House of Representatives election from Chitwan constituency-3, urged the voters not to believe the candidates who visit them only during the election time.





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