Construction of crossroad in Kalanki speeds up

Commuters making their entrance to the capital using Kalanki point will be able to heave a sigh of relief from the daily traffic congestion from the month of Shrawan, 2075 BS (mid-July 2018) onward.

The crossroad being constructed at Kalanki chowk with an aid of Chinese government was scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017. The project was initiated from August, 2013.  However, its deadline was extended by seven months due to the Gorkha Earthquake 2015 and Indian blockade.

The construction project will connect the Prithvi Highway with Arniko Highway. The road to Thankot from Kalimati will remain in parallel height whereas an underpass will be constructed from the chowk that leads to Sitapaila from Balkhu, which will be 400 meters away in the South. A two-lane wide road will remain intact in the left turning point in all four directions.

The road to and from the underpass will be a four-lane road.

Construction of crossroad has been included in the construction work of eight-lane road covering 10.395 km from Koteshowr to Kalanki.

The Chinese company, deeming that the retaining wall from the right turn from Balkhu to Thankot has weakened, is constructing a 130-meter wall by by digging foundation.

Vehicles heading from Balkhu to Thankot and those returning from opposite direction to Balkhu will use this road.

The Chinese government has invested around Rs 5 billion to complete the project.



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