'Rhododendron Festival' to take place in Baglung

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Photo Source: CanvasSnap

A 'Rhododendron Festival' is being held on the occasion of the Nepali New Year 2074 here at Ghumte, a mesmerizing tourist destination located at 3,120 meters above the sea level.

The Galkot Travel Tourism Development Center is organizing the Rhododendron Festival from April 13 to 14. The Center has been holding the festival on the occasion of New Year annually for the past four years.

Center's Chairman Jhanka Bahadur Basnet said the festival is being held for promoting tourism in Lek Ghumte and for conservation of national flower 'Laligurans' or 'rhododendron'.

The Center has even urged the government to declare Ghumte as 'Laligurans Hill' and announce 'National Rhododendron Day'on Baisakh 1.

"We have been holding rhododendron festival in Ghumte during the season when the flower blossoms to attract tourists," Center's Chair Basnet said. "We believe the festival will contribute towards Ghumte's tourism development and its promotion," he added.

The festival will also feature observation tours, art and cultural performances, sunset and sunrise observation tours, camp fire and other entertainments. RSS



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