• PM sacks his personal secretary Dhakal

    Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has sacked his personal secretary Laxman Dhakal from the post.

  • Nepal, India to conclude PTA within 45 days

    Setopati, Kathmandu, August 4 - Nepal and India have agreed to conclude the negotiations on Power Trade Agreement (PTA) within 45 days. "They also directed the concerned authorities to conclude negotiations on the agreement on trade in power sector within 45 days," reads a joint statement issued at the end of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's two-day official visit to Nepal.

  • Sunkoshi death toll climbs to 30

    With the security personnel recovering 12 more bodies, the death toll from Saturday's landslide has climbed to 30. Security personnel are looking for the missing in the massive landslide at Mankha VDC in Sindhupalchok. The landslide had also blocked the Sunkoshi River.

  • Let's not 'politicize' 1950 treaty: Modi

    Setopati, Kathmandu, August 4 - Vising Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told Nepali politicians that his country is ready to revise the 1950 treaty if Nepal wishes, and requested them to refrain from 'politicizing' the issue.

  • Landslide death toll climbs to 18

    The security personnel have recovered eight more bodies from landslide debris Mankha VDC in Sindhupalchok.

  • Kamal Thapa meeting Modi at 4 p.m.

    Visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is meeting Chairman of Rasriya Prajatantra Party Kamal Thapa at 4 p.m. at Hotel Hyatt Regency. The meeting between Thapa and Modi was not on the latter's itinerary.

  • Modi offers worship at Pashupatinath

    On the second day of his visit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed a special puja at Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu on Monday. Besides performing a special puja, he also offered 2500 logs of sandalwood to the temple.

  • Federal democratic republican constitution in Nepal: Modi

    Setopati, Kathmandu, August 3 - In his widely-praised speech, visiting India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that India expects Nepal to draft a Federal Democratic Republican constitution in Nepal.

  • Modi in Singha Durbar to meet prime minister Sushil Koirala

    Setopati, August 3 - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Singha Durbar to meet Nepali counterpart Sushil Koirala in the latter's office.

  • Rescue teams mobilized to avoid possible disaster in Sunkoshi

    Kathmandu, August 3 - Rescue teams comprising the security bodies have been deployed from early morning today to control the possible disaster that could be caused by the sudden opening of the Sunkoshi River water blocked by landslide debris at Jure of Sindhupalchowk district. The landslide blocked the river for around 12 hours on Saturday.

  • Modi meets Jit Bahadur's family

    Modi meets Jit Bahadur's family Setopati, August 3 - Jit Bahadur Tamang, who was raised by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has met his family members in Kathmandu. The first thing Modi did on arriving Nepal was to unite Jit Bahadur with his family.

  • Modi receives warm welcome in Kathmandu

    Setopati, Kathmandu, August 3 - Indian Prime Minister Narendra landed in Kathmandu at 11 a.m Sunday on a two-day official visit. Prime Minister Sushil Koirala welcomed Modi at Tribhuvan Internal Airport.

  • Troops start blasting landslide dam

    Nepal Army (NA) personnel have begun blasting through rubble from a landslide blocking Sunkoshi River, in an attempt to prevent floods.The army personnel plan to widen an opening on the northern side from where the river has started to flow.

  • Preparations to blast landslide dam

    Kathmandu, Aug.2 - The government has mobilized security forces to break a landslide dam that has blocked the flow of water in Sunkoshi River in Jure of Mankha VDC, Sindhupalchowk.

  • Nepal preparing to welcome Indian PM Narendra Modi

    Nepal preparing to welcome Indian PM Narendra Modi Prakash Lama, August 1 - The roads and streets in Kathmandu are being decorated with flags of both Nepal and India as the country prepares to welcome Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Streets are being decorated and mass clean-ups organized...

  • I'm thankful to Nepal govt: Late Rinpoche's brother

    Setopati, August 1 - Jigme Rinpoche, brother of late Shamarpa Rinpoche, lives in France. He came to Kathmandu to attend the final rites of his brother, and plans to stay here for a few days. He spoke to Setopati's Gunaraj Luitel.

  • NA choppers to patrol Modi's motorcade

    NA choppers to patrol Modi's motorcade Setopati, August 1 - Nepal Army helicopters will conduct air patrol of the route followed by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's motorcade during his two day visit to Nepal.

  • All-party meet to prepare Indian PM's visit

    Kathmandu, July 31 - Prime Minister Sushil Koirala today held a consultation meeting with the parties represented in the Constituent Assembly on the eve of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's impending visit to Nepal.

  • Rinpoche's last rites performed

    Rinpoche's last rites performed Setopati, July, 31 - The final rites of the late 14th Shamarpa Rinpoche's has been performed at Syarvan Monastery at Raniban.

  • Rinpoche's body kept for public viewing

    Rinpoche's body kept for public viewing Kathmandu, July 30 - The mortal remains of Buddhist guru Shamar Kunzig Rinpoche has been kept at the Syarvan Monastery at local Raniban for the members of the general public to pay their last respects to the 14th Rinpoche.


  • The Doklam dilemma The Doklam dilemma

    Being a buffer state between the two giant neighbors, Nepal should conduct its foreign policy vis-à-vis China and India in a very sensitive manner. Nepal has always maintained that it would not allow its soil to be used against any neighbor. At the same time, Nepal should make sure that its own national interests are never compromised.

    Gaurab Shumsher Thapa

  • Effect of monetary policy on risk, stability and financial crises Effect of monetary policy on risk, stability and financial crises

    The crisis of 2008–09 has reignited a new interest in understanding money and credit fluctuations in the macro economy, and the crucial roles they could play in the amplification, propagation, and generation of shocks both in normal times and, even more so, in times of financial distress. This may reopen a number of fundamental fault lines in modern macroeconomic thinking between theories that treat the financial system as irrelevant, or, at least, not central to the understanding of economic outcomes, and those that reserve a central role for financial intermediation.

    Anup Paudel


  • The return trip The return trip

    It took us over five hours, drenched in rain, walking through treacherous ratomato sluggishly. It should not have taken more than two hours in a normal day. It was the cruellest irony that no sooner did we reach Panchkhal and sat at the Pipal Chautari to rest, than the bus we had left behind, arrived with people in the bus bursting with laughter on seeing us.

    Hemant Arjyal

  • Prospects for Nepali talents in the Diaspora Prospects for Nepali talents in the Diaspora

    When Indu, a Nepali American teen studying in Virginia, asked Panta whether she could inspire Nepali youngsters into music industry and convince their parents to consider Nepali music as a path to professionalism, the female heartthrob of Nepali music could not fully convince her.

    Sukriti Sharma

Readers Column

  • Traffic Police in Kathmandu

    As busy and hassling as the traffic system in Kathmandu is, the Traffic Police here have to handle an equally strenuous job. Over 1,400 traffic officers in and around the Kathmandu Valley battle against the pestering traffic and air pollution each day.

  • Menstrual taboo outdated

    I have seen my sisters and friends isolated and treated in discriminatory manner during their first menstruation cycle. They were not allowed to look at the sun, to touch water source, flower, fruits, any male family member, nor even hear their voice. The activist may claim the situation has changed and I do agree but still during every month my loved ones turns into untouchables beings.