• If anyone should be punished, they are Prachanda and Baburam: Devendra Paudel

    Setopati, August 10 - UCPN (Maoist) leader Devendra Paudel has said that the action against him and other party leaders is not acceptable.

  • Janaipurnima being observed today

    Janaipurnima being observed today Kathmandu, Aug 10 - Nepali Hindus inside and outside the country are observing Janaipurnima festival today. According to the time-honoured tradition, the people receive the 'Rakshya Bandhan' thread, which is tied around the wrist as an amulet. The yellow thread is purified through the chanting of mantras by Brahmin priests as a symbol of protection from fear and disease. They also observe the occasion as 'Kwanti Purnima'.

  • Actor Shree Krishna Shrestha no more

    Actor Shree Krishna Shrestha no more Setopati, Kathmandu, August 10 - Nepali film actor Shree Krishna Shrestha passed away on Sunday morning. He had been admitted to Apollo Hospital in New Delhi for the treatment of pneumonia.

  • UML lawmakers not convinced by home minister's clarification

    Setopati, Kathmandu, August 8 - Objecting to the statement of Home Minister Bamdev Gautam, UML lawmaker Rajendra Pandey stated that Chari was killed in a preplanned attack by the police.

  • Prachanda rules out party split

    Prachanda rules out party split Chitwan, Aug. 8 - Chairman of the Unified CPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has ruled out the possibility of a split in his party.

  • Chari was killed in an exchange of fire: Home Minister Gautam

    Minister for Home Affairs Bamdev Gautam told the parliamentarians on Friday that the notorious gangster Dinesh Adhikari "Chari" was killed in an exchange of fire with the police.

  • Chari's murder will be investigated: Bamdev Gautam

    Chari's murder will be investigated: Bamdev Gautam Prakash Dhungana, Setopati, August 7 - Deputy prime minister and home minister Bamdev Gautam has assured that Dinesh Adhikari alias Chari's murder will be investigated. He gave such assurance to CA member from Dhading-3 Rajendra Pandey and Gangalal Tuladhar who had gone to meet him along with Chari's family members.

  • Chaukaht condemns attack on their discussion program

    Setopati, Kathmandu, August 8 - Chaukath, an informal network of feminists, has strongly condemned an attack on their discussion program by a Hindu group at Shanti Vatika on Tuesday.

  • Gangster Dinesh Adhikari Chari shot dead

    Setopati, Kathmandu, August 6 - Notorious gangster Dinesh Adhikari "Chari" was shot dead at Bhimdhunga in Kathmandu on Wednesday. He was killed in an exchange of fire between the police and his gang members Bhimdhunga area.

  • Gangster Abhisek Giri arrested

    Setopati, Kathmandu, August 6 - Police have arrested notorious gangster Abhisek Giri on the charge of kidnapping one Achut Prasad Regmi from Lalitpur. Police said Giri used his 'girlfriend' Shakya for kidnapping Regmi.

  • UML lawmakers demand action against those protesting Ghising's transfer

    The lawmakers from the CPN-UML have expressed concerns over the "politicization" of the transfer of Chilime hydropower project chief, Kulman Ghising.

  • Finance Minister Mahat off to China on official visit

    Finance Minister Mahat off to China on official visit Kathmandu, Aug. 6 - Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat left for an official visit to China at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart Lou Jiwei. The visit is aimed at garnering additional support and cooperation from the northern neighbour in the country's socio-economic development endeavours, the Ministry of Finance said.

  • PM sacks his personal secretary Dhakal

    Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has sacked his personal secretary Laxman Dhakal from the post.

  • Nepal, India to conclude PTA within 45 days

    Setopati, Kathmandu, August 4 - Nepal and India have agreed to conclude the negotiations on Power Trade Agreement (PTA) within 45 days. "They also directed the concerned authorities to conclude negotiations on the agreement on trade in power sector within 45 days," reads a joint statement issued at the end of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's two-day official visit to Nepal.

  • Sunkoshi death toll climbs to 30

    With the security personnel recovering 12 more bodies, the death toll from Saturday's landslide has climbed to 30. Security personnel are looking for the missing in the massive landslide at Mankha VDC in Sindhupalchok. The landslide had also blocked the Sunkoshi River.

  • Let's not 'politicize' 1950 treaty: Modi

    Setopati, Kathmandu, August 4 - Vising Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told Nepali politicians that his country is ready to revise the 1950 treaty if Nepal wishes, and requested them to refrain from 'politicizing' the issue.

  • Landslide death toll climbs to 18

    The security personnel have recovered eight more bodies from landslide debris Mankha VDC in Sindhupalchok.

  • Kamal Thapa meeting Modi at 4 p.m.

    Visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is meeting Chairman of Rasriya Prajatantra Party Kamal Thapa at 4 p.m. at Hotel Hyatt Regency. The meeting between Thapa and Modi was not on the latter's itinerary.

  • Modi offers worship at Pashupatinath

    On the second day of his visit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed a special puja at Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu on Monday. Besides performing a special puja, he also offered 2500 logs of sandalwood to the temple.

  • Federal democratic republican constitution in Nepal: Modi

    Setopati, Kathmandu, August 3 - In his widely-praised speech, visiting India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that India expects Nepal to draft a Federal Democratic Republican constitution in Nepal.


  • Amendment of Education Act: A betrayal to capable candidates Amendment of Education Act: A betrayal to capable candidates

    Not all, but many of the temporary teachers who have been wishing to become permanent, no doubt, appointed on the basis of their political ideologies. They couldn't succeed in the examinations despite repeated attempts. They carried the bags of those parties during their teaching career.

    Manoj Sapkota

  • The Doklam dilemma The Doklam dilemma

    Being a buffer state between the two giant neighbors, Nepal should conduct its foreign policy vis-à-vis China and India in a very sensitive manner. Nepal has always maintained that it would not allow its soil to be used against any neighbor. At the same time, Nepal should make sure that its own national interests are never compromised.

    Gaurab Shumsher Thapa


  • To dogs, with love To dogs, with love

    Many find talking about basic animal rights stupid when no basic rights of people are guaranteed. However, there are still few people who are aware how humane behavior has turned toward cruelty and indifference which can be vividly seen through the way street dogs and other animals are abused around us.

    Sujita Shrestha

  • Unanswered questions on recent leftist alliance Unanswered questions on recent leftist alliance

    Although they seem to be very much communist while in opposition, whether about the 'Indian semi-colonial status' in Nepal or American hegemony, this has never been evident while they actually come into power and rule Nepal.

    Dr Chandra Sharma Poudyal

Readers Column

  • What we need to learn from Thailand?

    Thailand is a developing country. But it seemed like a developed country at first sight. It is hard to believe that Thailand is a developing country. There are big buildings, and clean and broad roads. The city is clean with no trace of pollution.

  • Traffic Police in Kathmandu

    As busy and hassling as the traffic system in Kathmandu is, the Traffic Police here have to handle an equally strenuous job. Over 1,400 traffic officers in and around the Kathmandu Valley battle against the pestering traffic and air pollution each day.