• Demand for convening Tarun Dal's GC

    KATHMANDU, APRIL 24 - Central members of the Nepal Tarun Dal, a sister wing of the Nepali Congress (NC), have demanded convening the general convention of the organization by mid-June.

  • Sitaula to lead Constitution Drafting Committee

    Sitaula to lead Constitution Drafting Committee SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, APRIL 24 - Nepali Congress (NC) has proposed the party General Secretary Krishna Prasad Sitaula as the chairperson of the Constitution Drafting Committee.

  • Leadership debate overshadows ideology in UML

    KATHMANDU, APRIL 23 - Despite their repeated commitment to end factionalism, the leaders of ruling CPN (UML) are likely to split at least into two separate panels for the leadership election in the forthcoming general conventions.

  • 'There is no problem in giving and getting citizenship'

    'There is no problem in giving and getting citizenship' KATHMANDU, APRIL 23 - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, Bamdev Gautam, has said there was no problem for a bona fide to acquire citizenship certificate. "Those persons engaged in politics in the name of citizenship and other businesses are spreading rumours on difficulties to get and distribute citizenship. There is no truth in it. There is no problem in getting and giving citizenship in Nepal," Gautam said.

  • Indian squatters in Kanchanpur

    KANCHANPUR, APRIL 23 - A large number of squatters from adjoining areas of India have entered Kanchanpur district citing poor management by the Indian government.

  • Climate change likely to make Everest even riskier

    Climate change likely to make Everest even riskier NEW DELHI (AP) - Climbing to the roof of the world is becoming less predictable and possibly more dangerous, scientists say, as climate change brings warmer temperatures that may eat through the ice and snow on Mount Everest.

  • Party leaders not cooperating with me: PM Koirala

    Party leaders not cooperating with me: PM Koirala Prime Minister and Nepali Congress leader Sushil Koirala has accused his party leaders of criticizing the government and not cooperating with him. He expressed such views while addressing a function in the capital on Monday.

  • CA to elect committee chairpersons on April 25

    Constituent Assembly (CA) is all set to elect chairpersons of the various CA committees on April 25.

  • Temporary teachers likely to be displaced

    KATHMANDU, APRIL 21 - The schools teachers working on a temporary basis since 2063 B.S. are likely to be displaced as the Teachers' Service Commission (TSC) gears up to publish the result for permanent enrollment.

  • Raute folks padlock DDC office

    SURKHET, APRIL 20 - Raute people living at Jarbuta VDC-8 of Surkhet district have padlocked the Office of District Development Committee, Surkhet, saying the DDC failed to provide them security allowance for the last five months.

  • 4 die, 10 injured in Gulmi road accident

    GULMI, APRIL 20 - Four persons died in a jeep accident that took place at Darbar Devisthan VDC-8 in Gulmi district this morning. Nine-year-old Dibas Saru, Mahendra Kunwar, 35, and Jamuna Khatri,50, and Sanu Miyan of Balkot VDC of Arghakhanchi district died when a jeep (Lu 1 Ja 2529) they were travelling met with an accident at Myal Pokhara of Darbar Devisthan VDC.

  • Gabriel García Márquez - obituary

    Gabriel García Márquez - obituary The Telegraph - Gabriel García Márquez was a master of 'Magic Realism' whose bestsellers included One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera

  • TRC bill tabled at parliament

    SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, APRIL 18 - The government has finally tabled a bill on Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and Commission on Enforced Disappearance.

  • No reason to believe our funding to Himal Southasian misused: Norway

    SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, APRIL 18 - Norwegian embassy in Nepal has stated that there is no reason to believe that the embassy's funding to the Himal Southasian magazine has been misused. The embassy stated that it has issued the statement in response to the media reports concerning allegations on the misuse of Norwegian funding to Himal Southasian magazine.

  • Those arrested on Fujel incident released on bail

    SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, APRIL 17 - The District Court in Chitwan has asked the authorities to release two Maoist cadres who were arrested on the charge of murdering Krishna Prasad Adhikari of Fujel, Gorkha. A single bench of Judge Binod Mohan Acharya told the authorities to release the arrested cadres on bail.

  • Govt waits for panel's report to resolve petro-products shortages

    SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, APRIL 17 - The people are reeling under the shortages of petroleum products, but the government has not been able to do anything to resolve the problem due to the delay in the preparation of a report by a parliamentary panel formed to probe the recent petro-prices hikes.

  • Donors bent on disrupting peace process: Maoists

    SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, APRIL 17 - The legislature-parliament has been adjourned for the day following protests by Maoist lawmakers over the arrests of Maoist cadres who were allegedly involved in the murder of Krishna Prasad Adhikari of Fujel, Gorkha. Maoists argued that journalist Kanakmani Dixit has received Rs 80 million from Norwegian embassy to blow of the Fujel incident and demanded that the government clarify how the money is being spent.

  • Maoists to continue disrupting parliamentary proceedings

    Following the disruption of the parliamentary proceedings by the Maoist lawmakers, the government is likely to 'issue a circular' to the officials against taking further action against the Maoist cadres allegedly involved in the murder of Krishna Prasad Adhikari of Fujel in Gorkha.

  • Int'l rights groups urge Nepal lawmakers to reject TRC bill

    SETOPATI, KATHMANDU, APRIL 17 - "It is baffling why the Nepali government would propose a bill that contains exactly the same troubling provision allowing those responsible for the most heinous crimes to go scot free. The government’s obligation is to ensure justice for the victims, not amnesty for the victimizer."

  • 'Secular' state officials, communist leaders in Kamalnayancharya's Mahayagya

    'Secular' state officials, communist leaders in Kamalnayancharya's Mahayagya Following the mass movement in 2006, Nepal was declared a secular republic. But it is not so easy to separate religion from the state. High level state officials including Prime Minister Sushil Koirala have been involved in the Nepal Mata Mahima Rastriya Mahayagya being held by the Akhanda Jyoti Baba Swami Shreeji Charitable Trust.


  • The Doklam dilemma The Doklam dilemma

    Being a buffer state between the two giant neighbors, Nepal should conduct its foreign policy vis-à-vis China and India in a very sensitive manner. Nepal has always maintained that it would not allow its soil to be used against any neighbor. At the same time, Nepal should make sure that its own national interests are never compromised.

    Gaurab Shumsher Thapa

  • Effect of monetary policy on risk, stability and financial crises Effect of monetary policy on risk, stability and financial crises

    The crisis of 2008–09 has reignited a new interest in understanding money and credit fluctuations in the macro economy, and the crucial roles they could play in the amplification, propagation, and generation of shocks both in normal times and, even more so, in times of financial distress. This may reopen a number of fundamental fault lines in modern macroeconomic thinking between theories that treat the financial system as irrelevant, or, at least, not central to the understanding of economic outcomes, and those that reserve a central role for financial intermediation.

    Anup Paudel


  • My Journey to Maiti Nepal My Journey to Maiti Nepal

    I was scared before I started volunteering, not so much because of the work I would be doing, but of the fact that I would be living alone in a new city where I wouldn’t know anyone except a handful of relatives, with everyone who I was close to on the other side of the world.

    Swarnima Gurung

  • Be an example, not teacher to your kids Be an example, not teacher to your kids

    I don’t intend to draw comparisons, but I can’t help notice a vast difference in the way kids these days are, and I only have the parents to blame. Because let's face it, just at the quote, I mentioned above goes, kids only become what they see.

    Prekshya Lamichhane Kunwar

Readers Column

  • Traffic Police in Kathmandu

    As busy and hassling as the traffic system in Kathmandu is, the Traffic Police here have to handle an equally strenuous job. Over 1,400 traffic officers in and around the Kathmandu Valley battle against the pestering traffic and air pollution each day.

  • Menstrual taboo outdated

    I have seen my sisters and friends isolated and treated in discriminatory manner during their first menstruation cycle. They were not allowed to look at the sun, to touch water source, flower, fruits, any male family member, nor even hear their voice. The activist may claim the situation has changed and I do agree but still during every month my loved ones turns into untouchables beings.