Man robs bank to impress Taylor Swift, throws loot over her fence

Taylor Swift. Credit: Getty

Police say a man from Connecticut, who has a crush on singer Taylor Swift, robbed a bank and then went to her Rhode Island house to throw cash over a fence to woo her.

Bruce Rowley was arrested last week in Ansonia, after the police said he confessed to carrying out a robbery and then drove to the 27-year-old musician’s mansion to toss the money over, according to a police report obtained by TMZ read.

As per the cops, Rowley allegedly hit the bank and demanded money from a teller. He did not brandish a weapon or make any threats and the teller turned over an undetermined amount of cash.

Rowley was spotted by the state troopers in Rhode Island, which led them on a chase back to Connecticut.

The accused told them he tried getting in touch with Swift, but said she was not at home. The police is currently investigating Rowley’s claims whether he went to her house.

According to the report, the accused repeatedly told cops he had a crush on the singer and he planned to donate some of the stolen funds to Ansonia PD to impress her.

Rowley was booked for robbery in the second degree and larceny in the fourth degree. He is being held on bail.



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