Public transport service halted in Dang

Different transport committees of Dang district, who have been protesting government’s decision, have stopped operating transport service from Thursday.

Night bus service counters have remained closed, said Raju Yogi, In-charge of Deluxe Counter of Tulsipur Jeep and Micro Minibus Entrepreneurs Committee.

The different transport committees have stopped their services from Thursday protesting the government’s decision of not renewing ‘transport committees’ from new fiscal year and to scrap transport committees.

Dial In-charge of Rapti Zonal Public Transport Entrepreneurs Committee Mohan Puri said that all the long-route service have been closed from Thursday. He said, “We will keep all our vehicles in garage from tomorrow. So we have stopped operating long-route transport service from today itself.”

The Committees said that they would launch agitation as per the protest program launched by National Federation of Nepal Transport Entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, supply entrepreneurs have stopped providing token from yesterday. Only the vehicles that have got tokens would operate their service, said Administrative Secretary of Rapti Zonal Joint Truck Transport Entrepreneurs’ Committee, Umesh Chandra Majgaiya.



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