Lalitpur Metropolis to bring electric buses to reduce pollution

The Lalitpur Metropolitan City is all set to bring electric buses to curtail the air pollution.

“The Lalitpur Metropolitan City will be coordinating with Chinese company BYD Auto Cooperatives Limited for  bringing electric buses,” informed mayor of the Lalitpur Metropolitan City Chiribabu Maharjan.

The metropolis has set a goal of bringing three electric buses each having 40-seat capacity within mid-September.

“The electric buses will help significantly in curbing the increasing air pollution. So we will be operating this bus for a demo,” mayor Maharjan said, “What I think is this will be good for the metropolis. If the results are positive, we will be working by keeping the electric buses in our first priority.”

The metropolis has alloted Rs 30 million for procuring the electric buses.

Currently, the metropolis is coordinating with Sajha Yatayat to facilitate the commuters.



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