Ilam farmers facing dual taxation on export of ginger

Jhapa district has imposed tax on the export of Ilam-produced ginger to India.

The district coordination committee on Sunday took Rs 5,000 in tax from the export of 10,000 kilograms ginger made in the name of Sunita Traders through the Kakarvitta border point. Both Jhapa and Ilam fall in Province 1.

Entrepreneurs, however, objected saying the tax imposition is illegal.

Employees of the J&J Construction Service Private Limited, which has taken the taxation contract from the committee, charged Rs 5000 in tax for exporting the ginger, said Tom Rajbamshi, acting President of Nepal Ginger Producers and Entrepreneur Association, Jhapa. The committee has started the tax enforcement on the export of gingers produced in Ilam since two days, he said, adding that as a result, farmers and traders have faced double whammy of dual tax system.



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