Hailstorms destroy crops worth thousands of rupees in Parbat

Rains coupled with hailstones have taken a toll on various places of the district, destroying paddy and vegetable farming worth thousands of rupees.

The areas affected by hailstones occurred on Sunday include Thulipokhari, Pipaltari, Katuwachaupari, Arthar, Pakuwa and Khaula of Kushma Municipality, Karkineta and Thapathana of Phalebas Municipality and Ramja of Modi Rural Municipality.

Many farmers here are worried over the loss, said a farmer Ram Prasad Sharma of Ramjadeurali.

Chief of the Agriculture Research Centre, Basudev Regmi, said the hailstorms destroyed crops and vegetable farming on over 500 hectares of land. He however said loss details were being collected.



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