Chinese Art Exhibition opens

An art exhibition displaying various artworks by the Chinese artists has commenced at Sherpa Mall in Kathmandu from today.

Chancellor of the Nepal Academy Ganga Prasad Uprety inaugurated the exhibition organized by China’s Hubei Changjiang Publishing and Media Group.

Speaking on the occasion, Chancellor Uprety expressed Nepal would like to conduct exchange programmes between Nepal and China for art and culture in the wake of Nepal achieving political stability and peace.

He argued that the connectivity between Nepal and China countries would help bolster the economic activities thereby mutually benefiting the both countries.

Also speaking at the event, Nepal Tourism Board Director Diwakar Rana shared that more than 96,000 Chinese tourists had visited Nepal as of now this fiscal year and more and more Chinese tourists were visiting Nepal lately.

Rana further asserted that the Chinese artist team visited Nepal as a part of the economic, trade and cultural exchange with Nepal which embodies the Chinese President’s concept of ‘One Belt: One Road’.

The concept envisages connecting China with other countries across the globe through culture, trade and art among others.

Put on display at the event were calligraphy paintings, pladoh modeling, paper crafting among others enthralling artworks.

Visual delight aside, the visitors could delight their taste buds with the Chinese cuisines in the side event called Chinese food tasting.

The event was co-organized by the Hubei Changijang Chongwen International Cultural Exchange Company of China.

On the occasion, the Chinese artists team had handed over a sketch of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli to Chancellor Uprety.

Artworks by Xiaolong Cai, Zongjin Cao, Qimin Chen and Keli Kong were put in exhibition.

The event will last until October 27.



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