12 petrol pumps face action

Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology has taken action against 12 petrol pumps for cheating customers.

The Bureau found 12 petrol pumps running in different parts of the country that they were conning customers by reducing five percent petroleum products per liter with the use of software.

Those facing action are Bijay Oil Store, Shankar Oil Store and Amit Oil Store of Bara, Mamata Oil Store of Kalaiya, and Swasthani Oil Store of Bariyapur, Shankar Oil Store of Rupandhi, Riyal Oil Suppliers of Kaplivastu, Khusbu Fuel Suppliers of Okhaldhunga and New Banglamukhi Oil Store of Swayambhu, Kathmandu.

Director General at Bureau Bishwobabu Pudashaini informed that the petrol pumps swindling customers were fined Rs 30,000 with the imprisonment of three years. Even the pumps were sealed, he added.



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