Sajha’s e-ticket attracts passengers

Passengers knowing about Sajha Yatayat’s e-ticketing service are increasingly attracted to the service.

Sajha said that the new service was launched to make it’s passengers convenient to pay bus fare through card rather than cash.

Mahendra Raj Pandey, Manager of Sajha Yatayat, shared that the cards are being sold out from its Pulchowk-based office and staffs including helper of the bus. “Enforcement of card system in other bus services beside Sajha would be easier for passengers,” he noted.

Sajha Yatayat has introduced new facilities in public transport sector of Nepal.

It has recently added 20 city buses in different routes of Kathmandu Valley. Sajha had started its transport service in the country some 56 years ago. It is gaining popularity as a public transport service provider.



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