Dependency on India for cement decreasing in Far-west province

The import of cement from India has stopped in the Far-west province after the cement produced in the country started taking the market.

Cement produced in India used to be imported in large quantity in the Far-west province before this. Traders say that this import has stopped in recent days as the Nepali cement industries started producing it to the quantity as per the market demand.

Manager of Sonapur Mineral and Oil Pvt Ltd based in Dang, Shyam Tayal said the achievement that Nepal has made in terms of cement production has stopped the import of India-produced cement.

“However, the cost of production of cement in Nepal is more compared to that of India. The buyers would get cement at cheaper price than at present if the government was to provide concession on the import of coal and electricity tariff as it would reduce the cost of production,” he said.

It is said the quality of cement also differs according to the cement companies. More than 50 cement companies operating in Nepal at present produce nearly 20 thousand tonnes of cement daily.

Cement industries are operating in Dang, Bhalubang, Bhairahawa, Hetauda, Mirchaiya, Hile, Nawalparasi, Udayapur, among other places in Nepal. The cost of 30 kilograms sack of cement is Rs 760 to Rs 780 at present.



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