Containers go to China crossing Tatopani border after four years

Containers have gone to China through the Tatopani border point after over four years.

Containers have crossed the border point, that was shut down after the Gorkha Earthquake on April 25, 2015, on Tuesday as it has been repaired. Chief of Tatopani Customs Krishna Bahadur Basnet said wool would be brought on those containers on Wednesday.

Basnet said the border point will officially come back into operation from Wednesday amidst a program in presence of Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Matrika Yadav. “The border point will come into operation from 11 Wednesday morning. The border point that look deserted for the past few years will become lively once the border point comes into operation,” he stated.

Citizens, however, will not get to cross the border point even after it comes into operation, according to the Chinese Embassy in Nepal.

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi said the settlement across the border point has been shifted from there and the general public cannot use it even now as some threats still remain. “This is an important achievement in post-earthquake reconstruction. Bilateral trade between Nepal and China will rise after it coming back into operation,” Yanqi said.

She expressed confidence that the Nepal government will properly repair the road and infrastructure on the Nepali side of the border for operation of the point.

The Kerung border point was being used for cross-border trade after the Gorkha Earthquake shut down the Tatopani border point.



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