Birgunj locals stage demonstration demanding it as province capital

Demonstrators torching tyre to obstruct the road at Ghantaghar chowk of Birgunj on Thursday morning to protest the government's decision of fixing Janakpur as the temporary capital of Province 2. RSS

Birgunj locals took to the street on Thursday after Janakpur was fixed as the temporary capital of the Province No. 2.

The protesters staged demonstrations in Bara, Parsa from early Thursday morning impacting the main market areas.

Chief District Officer, Parsa Binod Prakash Singh said that the agitation has not affected the customs areas. “Very few goods-laden trucks entered from India yesterday. The demonstration being staged is peaceful. No unpleasant incidents have happened,” he said, “The customs areas are also not so much affected as it is said.”

He, however, said that the market areas and the vehicular movement are completely closed. The protesters have halted the vehicular movement from Kalaiya-Birjunj, Birgunj-Jitpur road section. The passengers are left stranded after the halt in vehicular movement.



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