Next govt won’t implement unconstitutional programs announced by caretaker govt: Oli

CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli has said the next government will not implement the programs not included in the annual budget announced unconstitutionally by the caretaker government.

Greeting the newly-elected office-bearers of Nepal Chamber of Commerce at the party office in Dhumbarahi on Monday, Oli stated that the next government will not be irresponsible like the current caretaker government, and will follow democratic norms and rules.

He claimed that the decisions taken by the caretaker government led by Sher Bahadur Deuba going against the Constitution that increase burden on the state coffers show that the government is irresponsible. He also accused the government of ruining the economy.

He added that the bilateral relations with neighbors should be maintained on the basis of necessity and new principles instead of past practice. He stated that there was an era of colonialism in the past but the today’s world is moving ahead respecting the sovereignty of independent states.

He further added that Nepalis should feel proud on state’s independency and sovereignty. He noted that the modern era is of co-existence among all states (either big or small in size) as per the UN’s charter. It was not a time of dominating small states by big states, he said.

On another note, he also stressed on rapid economic development in the country by using natural resources as the country has adequate resources.

Oli also said that the upcoming government will co-work with private sectors to create employment and even to end bad governance in the country. He reiterated to correct the latest populist decisions (not included in budget) taken by the caretaker government.



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