FSFN decides to join Oli govt

Federal Socialist Forum Nepal (FSFN) has decided to join the KP Sharma Oli led government.

A meeting of the party’s office-bearers Tuesday morning has taken the decision to join the government of left alliance, according to co-chairman of the party Rajendra Shrestha.

Chairman Upendra Yadav briefed the leaders about the ongoing dialogue with the left alliance about joining the government during the meeting. “We have decided to join the government. We will hold discussion with CPN-UML and CPN Maoist Center today about the ministries,” Shrestha stated.

Yadav had agreed to join the Oli led government on February 26 and left the prime minister’s official residence that day saying he will get back after consulting with party leaders.

The party has taken formal decision to join the government eight days after that. Induction of FSFN in the Cabinet has been delayed due to lack of agreement on the number of ministries to be given to the party.

FSFN has been demanding three ministries while UML and Maoist Center are saying they can only give two.



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