Dhulikhel mayor moves SC after not getting to exercise constitutional rights

Mayor of Dhulikhel municipality Ashok Kumar Byanju Shrestha has moved the Supreme Court (SC) demanding institutionalization of constitutional rights of local bodies.

Shrestha told Setopati that a writ petition has been registered on Sunday naming prime minister (PM), chief minister (CM) and different ministries as defendants.

“We have yet to get to exercise different rights vested in the local level,” Shrestha told Setopati. “Making rounds of different bodies also did not work. We have, therefore, been forced to register the writ petition.”

The petition demands management of staffers at the local level, formation of natural resources and finance commission, formation of new laws as per the principle of coordination, cooperation and coexistence among the three tiers of federal, provincial and local levels in accordance to the spirit of constitution.

“The court must immediately order to implement constitutional rights to make the local government strong and capable,” Shrestha stated.

Hearing for the case was scheduled for Monday but it did not take place after the full court decided to mourn the demise of former SC justice Ram Nagina Singh on Monday.

The case was not assigned to any bench even on Tuesday.



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