UML, Maoist Center to unify on April 22

CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) will formally unify on April 22, the day when the first communist party of Nepal was formed almost 70 years ago.

The two parties will dissolve their respective party committees, and announce standing and central committees of the unified party on that day.

“The two task forces formed to finalize the organization and party statute have both finished almost all of the works. There is chance of the unification being announced on April 22 to mark the occasion of the formation of first communist party in Nepal,” Maoist Center leader Narayan Kaji Shrestha told Setopati. “The final decision on that will be taken by the unification coordination committee.”

He revealed that the unified party will be officially registered at the Election Commission (EC) immediately after announcement of unification.

The two parties on October 3, 2017 had announced electoral alliance for federal and provincial elections, and unification after the election. They then signed the seven-point agreement on February 19 to unify the parties.

They had agreed that the unified party will be called Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), and Marxism-Leninism will be the guiding principle of the unified party.

The agreement includes both┬áPeople’s Multiparty Democracy and Maoism for deliberation until the general convention of unification. The contents of People’s Multiparty Democracy have been included in the agreement. The agreement mentions that the basic principles of People’s Multiparty Democracy have been accepted even by the Maoists.

It says an interim political report and an interim statute will be prepared on the basis of the ideological lines, and the unified party will be operated accordingly.



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