Province-3 govt fixes salary and perks of local people’s reps

The Province 3 government has fixed the salary and allowances of the local people’s representatives.

A meeting of the Province No 3 Council of Ministers on Thursday took a decision on this. Province government spokesman and Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning Kailash Dhungel said the meeting passed a bill on the salary and facilities of the local level people’s representatives which would be tabled in the Province Assembly for its endorsement.

As per the bill, the salary of the mayor of metropolitan city is Rs 46,00 per month. In addition to the salary, the mayor would also get Rs 3,000 as communication facility. The daily travel allowance is fixed at Rs 2,000 within the country and 200 dollars while visiting abroad. The travel insurance would be of one million rupees.

Likewise, the salary of the deputy mayor of the metropolitan city is Rs 40,000 per month and that of the Ward Chair Rs 28 thousand.

The salary of the mayor of the sub-metropolitan city is fixed at Rs 40,200 and that of the deputy mayor Rs 35,000 while the ward chair would draw salary of Rs 25,000.

The salary of the mayor of the municipality has been fixed at Rs 35,000, that of the deputy mayor at Rs 31,000 and that of the ward chair at Rs 2,000.

The bill proposes Rs 31,000 as the monthly salary of the rural municipality chairperson, Rs 27,000 as the salary of the vice-chairperson and Rs 20,000 as the salary of the ward chair.

In like manner, the Chief of the District Coordination Committee would draw salary of Rs 46,000, which is equivalent to that of the metropolitan city mayor while the deputy chief Rs 40,200. The DCC chief and deputy chief would also get monthly communications facility as well as travel allowance.




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