I will bring law requiring judges to make assets public: Law Minister

Law Minister Sher Bahadur Tamang has announced that he will bring in legislation requiring judges to make their assets public.

He announced so while revealing his 16-point program as law minister to the media on Monday. “I will take initiative to make amendments requiring everyone from ward chairman to chief secretary and justices to make their assets public,” he declared.

“We will study for measures to maintain the sanctity of justices and amend law accordingly. We will ensure full compliance of the code of conduct of justices,” the 16-point program of minister Tamang states.

The judges currently have to submit the details of their assets within 60 days but they don’t have to make the details public.

He is ex-officio member of the Judicial Council, that is responsible in ensuring compliance of code of conduct of justices, as law minister.

While admitting that justices as individuals can also have political allegiance in a multi-party democracy like any other individual, he stressed that they should be neutral immediately after becoming a judge.

“They must give up party membership after becoming a judge and work as a judge,” he added.

Minister Tamang also made his assets public during the program. He has 30 tolas of gold, land at Purano Baneshwore, and a house in Gokarneshwore while he has a loan of Rs 7 million, according to the details he published.



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