Police complaint against former CJ Parajuli

A police complaint has been lodged against former chief justice Gopal Parajuli alleging him of forging citizenship and educational certificates.
One Madan Bhandari of Gulmi has filed the complaint against Parajuli at the Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu.
“Parajuli–who has one date of birth in citizenship certificate, and different ones in educational certificates–did not even submit documents of educational certificates to the Judicial Council secretariat to extend his term as chief justice. I demand investigation of the educational and citizenship certificates of an individual with such criminal mentality, and demand stringent action him,” the complaint reads. “I demand investigation and stringent action against Gopal Parajuli as his act is in violation of the legal provision of the Citizenship Act.”
The complaint also demands probe of his educational and citizenship certificates with Nepal Law Campus, Office of the Controller of Examinations, District Administration Offices of Tanahu and Kathmandu, Judicial Council, and necessary action on them.
Bhandari said the police have registered the complaint and assured to initiate investigations.
Parajuli had resigned on Thursday after Secretary of Judicial Council Nripa Dhwaj Niraula sacked him stating he should have retired on August 5, 2017.



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