Make arrangements for Nepali citizens staying abroad to vote: SC tells govt

The Supreme Court (SC) has ordered the government to make arrangements for the migrant workers working outside Nepal to cast vote in Nepali elections.

Stating that the Nepali citizens abroad can cast vote, the SC has instructed the government to make arrangements to ensure that. “Make arrangements for voting from outside the country to guarantee the voting rights of Nepali workers working abroad,” a joint bench of Justices Sapana Malla Pradhan and Purushottam Bhandari has said.

The Law and Policy Forum for Social Justice had moved the Apex Court in April, 2016 demanding that Nepali citizens working abroad should also get to vote. “The right for opportunity to vote is inherent in the right to vote of Nepali citizens.  The right must be guaranteed even if the citizens are abroad,” the writ petitioner argued.

The SC has instructed the government as demanded by the petitioner.



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