Unification is not something to be completed anyhow in hurry: Oli 

Prime Minister (PM) KP Sharma Oli has stated that party unification is not something that should be completed anyhow in a hurry.

Speaking at a program held at the central office of CPN-UML in Dhumbarahi on Monday, Oli conceded that efforts are on to conclude unification before his upcoming India visit but pointed that it is not sure whether it will be completed before the visit or not.

“Questions have been asked as to whether it will be completed before or after India visit, have they completed it or not, and why has there been a delay,” Oli said. “This is something that will be completed through a process. It may be completed before or even after the India visit. It is not something that will be completed at any cost in haste. It is also not something that can be delayed.”

He said unification has been done for development of the country and democracy. He also claimed that mutual relationship with other countries will be built with national unity. “We will move forward for development by taking our neighbors along. We will invest capital in the country.”



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