Indian Finance Minister Jaitley may have to go for kidney transplant

The Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is suffering from kidney problems and is likely to go for a transplant soon, The Wire has reported.

Advised by his physicians not to go out in public for fear of infection, he was unable to even take the oath for his new Rajya Sabha term on Tuesday along with other new and returning MPs in the Indian upper house.

He has virtually withdrawn from all official engagements and is currently working from home. Health problems of Jaitley, a prominent and well-liked face in the Narendra Modi government, look set to severely hit Modi’s campaign for reelection next year as he will have to remain in a sanitized environment for post-surgery recovery and may not be able to actively take part in the taxing campaign across the country should he go for a kidney transplant.

The Wire citing doctors familiar with Jaitley’s condition has reported that a kidney transplant has been recommended as he had heart surgery and is severely diabetic which meant that dialysis for a long period would only add to the complications.

Jaitley’s fellow Cabinet member External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj also underwent a kidney transplant at AIIMS in December, 2016.



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