Nepal will be built, we must build it: PM Oli addresses nation from Rara

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has addressed the nation from Rara lake of Mugu on the New Year’s Day Saturday.
PM Oli, who reached Rara for the Rara Festival, said prosperity of the whole country can be achieved only if Karnali were prosperous. Addressing the nation Saturday morning, he claimed that the government is capable of solving the problems facing the country.
“Our country Nepal has established new benchmarks in democratic exercise after the success of elections. The history has provided us with unprecedented opportunity for economic development and prosperity,” Oli said. “We had problems and we were duty-bound to resolve them. The people have now authorized us to address those very problems,” he stated.
He pointed that 2074 BS was a year of important political achievements and the country has moved forward in the path of constitution implementation after completion of all three levels of elections during the year.
“Nepal will be built. We must build it. Yes, there is limit to everything including human knowledge and capacity. But there is no limit to integrity, no age limit for loyalty. Those who work with integrity and loyalty also do not need any additional training,” he said.

He also pointed out that feudalism responsible for Nepal’s backwardness has become a history, views aimed at making others dependent subjects have weakened and that divisive forces have been sidelined.

He stressed further that a country does not become big or small compared to other countries on basis of shape, demography and economy rather it is based on the subject of sovereignty. He also underlined the determination to develop close relations with the neighboring countries, friendly nations and the international community by keeping the national interest at the center stage.

He cautioned that the incumbent government would come forward in a ruthless and non-compromising manner against corruption and that necessary laws and structural reformation will be made for it.



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