Won’t tolerate corruption: PM Oli

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that there would be no confusion to make the nation prosperous and make citizens economically wealthy.

Maximum utilization of human resources, natural resources, skills, knowledge, available capitals and infrastructures would be best used for the country’s economic prosperity, PM Oli shared.

Addressing the Province Assembly meeting of the Province No. 5 in Butwal Sunday, the PM asked all three-layer of governments to concentrate on economic development and prosperity.

On the occasion, Oli said that he was very pleased to address the meeting of the Province Assembly for the first time in the capacity of the PM after the formation of all three layers of governments as stated in the constitution.

According to the PM, the incumbent government would advance the crucial activities in its policies and programmes to meet the targets of the UN SDGs.

Recalling that country has a huge trade deficit, the PM said that productions of the export-based goods would be increased, and programmes for employment creation and income generation would be implemented to uplift people’s standards.

Though there were some problems in the relations with a foreign country in the past, the PM added that the relations now have become harmonious unlike the past.

“Nepal’s relations with the neighbours and other countries are established on the basis of equality in the capacity of a sovereign country. We have established the facts that others’ interests and concerns should not be infiltrated into our internal affairs,” PM Oli clarified.

Likewise, Oli said that the government’s focus is concentrated on social justice and equality adding that democracy would be implemented in its real form.

Furthermore, the PM said democracy would be implemented in a practical way so that it could be used not only as a means of achieving political rights but also as a tool of addressing people’s basic rights ( food, clothes, shelter, health, education) and social rights and increasing human capabilities as well.

He took the time to call on the people concerned to utilise Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Budhha, other sites associated with the Buddhism, as opportunities and platform for triggering development in the Province. “Province 5 has abundant potentialities for religious and cultural tourism along with agricultural and industrial development.”

According to him, support and cooperation from neighbours can be sought if available resources seem insufficient to make endevaours for all sorts of development and economic progress.

He went on to say that constitutional provisions meant for bringing women and communities in social and other types of exclusion to the mainstream of development should be implemented effectively to build a society based on quality in real sense. The Prime Minister added that the government’s focus had been now concentrated on the development and prosperity of the nation, by making the province governments stronger. He pledged to leave no stone unturned to make province governments effective.

Strengthened democracy is possible when people are empowered, as stated by the head of the government who further added that the government was heading towards the path of economic prosperity, according the top priority to good governance and transparency.

He announced that onwards there would be now news about people dying from starvation and chilling cold.

PM Oli said the government would adopt a zero-tolerance policy against corruption, adding that he himself would not do corruption and not let anyone else indulge in it. The government had to face a big challenge while trying to break syndicate system, he said, making it clear that the government would make no comprise in steps against inappropriate practices causing inconveniences to the people.

Nepal would seek an aviation right from the Gautam Buddha International Airport and he had also raised this issue during his recent India visit.



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