Office-bearers ignorant about who placed ill-shaped flag in Janakpur

The office-bearers of the Province 2 on Thursday have furnished the clarification on ill-shaped national flag placed during the program organized at Janaki Temple premises in course of Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi’s visit.

The chief secretary of Province 2 Hari Phuyal, Chief District Officer, Dhanusha Gopal Parajuli, Chief Executive Office of Janakpur Sub-metropolitan City Madan Ghimire furnished a two-page long clarification to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration and stated that they were ignorant about it.

Chief secretary Hari Phuyal said, in the clarification, that they did not have any information about who, when and why the ill-shaped flag was placed although they were entrusted with the responsibility of stage management.

The Ministry also said that office-bearers excluding CDO Parajuli said that they were ignorant about the matter as they were barred from going to other places.

Meanwhile, secretary at internal affairs ministry has not yet furnished his clarification.

The clarification stated that they had no information who placed that flag there in the program venue and also said that information about the deformed flag was known only after it was disseminated by the media, according to spokesperson at the ministry Suresh Adhikari.

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration on Monday sought clarification as to how the shape of national flag was deformed and who were responsible for that. They were asked to furnish explanation within Thursday evening. The Nepali flag placed at the site was glaringly ill-shaped. It was not triangular, and was almost rectangular, and the border was also too thick.

“The ministry will find out the truth after seeking all clarification,” said Adhikari.



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