‘Govt will not spare goons, police involved in weekly extortion’

Minister for Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa has said that the government would not spare goons and police involved in weekly extortion in party palace and catering business.

Inaugurating the second general assembly and first general convention of National Federation of Party Palace and Catering Entrepreneurs Nepal here Wednesday, Thapa said that development is unlikely in the country until corruption and aberrations exist.

He said, “It is necessary to make youths employed by developing party palace and catering business.”

Federation Chairperson Arun Shankar Vaidya said that party palace and catering business established around four decades ago has now been expanded in 44 districts and there are 4,000 party palaces and caterings.

A total of 200 representatives from 42 districts have been participating in the general convention that will elect a new working committee.



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