Minister Mahaseth inspects Jorpati-Sankhu road section (Photos)

Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Raghubir Mahaseth, former Prime Minister and CPN  leader Madhav Kumar Nepal, among others, on Thursday inspected Jorpati-Sankhu road section.

On inspecting, Minister Mahaseth assured of fixing the potholes by August 28.

“The road section will not be blacktopped by August 28 but we can assure that we will build the road section properly keeping in mind commuters’ convenience. All the ditches will be covered by August 28,” he said.

The denizens here have been bearing a brunt of perilous pitholes due to dallying in the completion of Baudha-Jorpati-Sankhu road section which was started around two years ago.

Minister Mahaseth and CPN leader Nepal issued a directive to the concerned stakeholders to immediately complete the construction works. They also warned of taking action if the construction works were delayed.

The contractors promised to fix the potholes within 15 days.

CPN leader Nepal, making the onsite visit of the road section, suggested coordinating with the subordinate bodies to complete the construction works on time.

“It is necessary to coordinate by every staffer from Department of Roads, Electricity Authority and Sewage Management,” Nepal said, “The concerned stakeholders have to be responsible for it.”

Province lawmaker Rameshowr Phuyal, secretaries at Ministry, chiefs of Department of Roads and contractors were also present during the onsite visit.



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