Govt mobilizes drivers with security agencies to bring fuel

The government is preparing to mobilize drivers with the security agencies to ease fuel supply crippled by the strike of those driving fuel tankers.

Spokesperson at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies Nava Raj Dhakal said a few available drivers of security agencies have already been sent to the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) depot in Amlekhgunj. “We are deploying drivers of security agencies to ensure there is no immediate shortage,” he added.

He revealed that the government still is negotiating with the agitating drivers of fuel tankers. The ministry plans to transport fuel by mobilizing security agencies until the dialogue with drivers reaches conclusion.

The NOC, earlier on Friday, set fuel quota for vehicles. Motorcycles will be provided five liters of petrol and four-wheelers. NOC Spokesperson Sushil Bhattarai said the quota has been imposed after consumers started to hoard fuel anticipating shortage due to the strike of drivers.



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