Parliamentary hearing of ambassadors on Sunday

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The special committee for parliamentary hearing has invited the persons recommended for ambassador to different countries on Sunday.

The government had recommended Nilambar Acharya for India, Udaya Raj Pandey for Malaysia, Krishna Prasad Dhakal for UAE and Anjan Shakya for Israel on November 11.

The committee will hold discussion with the complainants on Friday. The committee has yet to receive any complaint against the ambassadors.

But one complainant has challenged the government to justify recommendation of persons aged between 36-76 years for the positions. The complainant has also expressed dissatisfaction over the government not paying attention toward the principle of inclusion while recommending the names, according to Secretary at the Federal Parliament Secretariat Dhruva Ghimire.

The committee will also hold interaction with ambassadors as new working procedure for appointment of ambassadors has been formulated. Chairman of the committee Laxman Lal Karna said five from the organization of former ambassadors led by Pushkar Manandhar have been invited for interaction.



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