Dual chairmanship unique practice in world: CPN Chair Oli

Prime Minister and ruling Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Chairman KP Sharma Oli has argued that they (he and another chair of the party Pushpa Kamal Dahal) had performed exemplarily.

Speaking in a program organized to merge then CPN-UML led Progressive Lawyers Association (PLA) and then CPN (Maoist Center) led Republic Progressive Lawyers Association here at the party central office Dhumbrabarahi in the capital on Sunday, Chairman Oli added that the dual leadership of the party was indeed a unique practice across the globe. He added that his party was fully democratic as manifested in the chairmanship.

On a different note, he argued that some reactionary forces were waging verbal war against the government and republic system.

Prime Minister Oli further shared that the decision of shifting Nepal Police Training Center from Maharajgunj to Panauti was taken three decades back therefore raising this issue was meaningless.

The rumor that the President and the institution were trying to encroach upon the land of Police Training Center was not only against the image of the President but also against entire republic system, the PM asserted.

Some forces, as he said, were day-dreaming to hatch conspiracy raising such trivial issues but they would not be successful at any cost. He also ruled out the rumor that freedom of press and public rights were curtailed by the leftist government.

Speaking in the same program another chairman and former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal opined that the law professionals should join hands in the mission of making nation prosperous. He also stressed on harmonious relations among the executive, legislative and judiciary.

The new association was formed under the convenorship of Rudra Nepal and Dinmani Pokharel. The newly formed executive committee is of 45-member.



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