CPN’s Parliamentary Party meeting of Province 5 holds discussion on various issues

Province Assembly Parliamentary Party meeting of Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Province-5 has held discussion on various issues including making law formulation effective and taking province assembly and government’s activities among the people.

The meeting held Monday after around five months also discussed on making thematic ministries active in law formulation by making different parliamentary committees under the province assembly active as well as making province assembly members active in implementation of periodic plan of the thematic ministries, said Chief Whip of CPN Parliamentary Party, Bhumishwor Dhakal.

On the occasion, leader of CPN Parliamentary Party and Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel urged the parliamentary committee to pay attention on various issues including formulation of provincial laws as well as development, prosperity and good governance of the province.

Chief Minister Pokhrel stressed that the province assembly members should carry out effective monitoring of the projects of development construction forwarded by the government as well as to pay special attention in order to help maintain quality and conclude the projects on time.

He also directed the ministers to make the activities of their respective ministries effective and to speed up their activities, said Chief Whip Dhakal.

Earlier in the meeting, Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Kul Prasad KC, Minister for Physical Infrastructure Baijanath Chaudhary, Minister for Industry Tourism and Environment Leela Giri, and Minister for Social Development Sudarshan Baral, among others, presented the details of the activities carried out by their respective ministries.

Similarly, Chief Minister Pokharel, who is also taking the responsibility of Ministry of Economic Affairs, also presented about the programs of the Ministry.



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