Minister Khanal sees need for effective planning in agriculture

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development Chakrapani Khanal has pointed out the need to devise effective planning for promotion of agriculture sector in the country.

Speaking at a program organized by the Dang District Chamber of Commerce and Industry here Thursday, Minister Khanal lamented over the absence of effective agriculture planning in the country where around 66 per cent of people was directly involved.

Stating that traditional farming method still prevail in the country, Khanal grieved that Nepal has to import food items despite two thirds of its population involved in agriculture.

He underscored the need to modernize and commercialize the agriculture system and reaffirmed that his Ministry was effortful towards it.

The Minister was of the view that many youths flocking abroad for employment could be provided employment opportunities back home if agriculture sector was developed.

Likewise, he pledged to ensure government grant to the farmers.



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