Govt is violating constitution, undermining federalism: Janardan Sharma

Standing committee member of the ruling CPN and former home minister Janardan Sharma has accused the KP Sharma Oli government of anti-constitutional works.

Speaking at a program organized in Kathmandu on Sunday, Sharma pointed that the government is acting against the constitution by bringing the bills about integration of staffers, and law and order.

“The country is moving in an opposite direction.  We cannot accept this,” he said. “The government is not complying with the constitution. I am not trying to criticize the government but should it not bring bills in accordance to the constitution? Should it not integrate employees? How can federalism function if all the rights are concentrated at the center, and the provinces and local bodies are made toothless?”

He argued that the political and bureaucratic leadership are conniving against federalism. “Why should they keep a CDO above the provincial government?” he asked. “We cannot accept this anti-federalist connivance.”

He added that he remained silent until now hoping that the party, he contributed in unification of, would do good works. He complained that he does not even have access to put his opinion in the new CPN despite playing a role in unification. “It is true that I unified the party. But a new structure has been formed after May 16. Even I do not have access there now,” he said pointing at the nine-man secretariat which he is not member of.

The government has registered a bill in the House of Representatives (HoR) that keeps provincial police under the CDO in every district. The central government will make transfers of police officers above DSPs.

The bill about law and order and internal affairs also mentions that the CDO will be appointed from among federal civil servants and will act as a representative of the federal government in the district. The bill also has provision allowing the federal government to keep other offices under the CDO by publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette.

Sharma argued that these things have created problems in implementation of federalism. “We are not adopting the right manners and culture. We are taking a wrong direction. This will undermine the communist movement and the aspirations of all the Nepalis. The country will face a huge crisis,” he opined. “We are not truly practicing the federal republican system. I have problem with that. I have fought for federalism by risking my life in the past. I am ready to fight against anybody who stands against federalism now.”

He also urged the employees to work at the provincial and local levels. “Why don’t you want to work at the provincial and local levels after integration? It is the local government that has to be made the most effective,” he said addressing the civil servants affiliated to his party. “You should either self-criticize for fighting for federalism in the past or go there and deliver service. We will fight for your career development, and perks and benefits but you should go at the local level and work.”



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