Dahal has been invited to visit America: Devendra Paudel

Standing committee member of ruling CPN Devendra Paudel has claimed that the problem in relationship with America following Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s statement has already been resolved and Dahal has been invited for visit of America.
“Chairman Dahal and US Ambassador to Nepal Randy Berry had a one-on-one meeting at the former’s residence yesterday. Our chairman has already explained the spirit in which the statement was issued and the issue has been resolved,” Paudel stated addressing a program organized in Kathmandu on Sunday. “Everything has been resolved. They have agreed. US Ambassador has even invited Chairman Dahal to visit America. This issue should not be raised unnecessarily.”
He also claimed that Dahal did not commit a blunder by issuing the statement. Dahal issuing a press statement on January 25 had condemned America accusing it of attempting an imperialist coup in Venezuela and called the intervention in internal affairs of Venezuela unacceptable.
“Communist Party of Nepal issues this statement in support of the people of Venezuela, the sovereignty of the state and the recognition of democratically elected constitutional President of Nicholas Maduro,” the press statement issued in the name of Chairman Dahal on January 25 read, “Communist Party of Nepal also strongly denounces the US and its allies intervention in the internal affairs of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with the intention of increasing the violence by diving the people and challenging democracy, sovereignty and peace.”
In the press release, Dahal accused the US of trying to create chaos and violence in Venezuela by putting inhuman economic sanctions and threatening military intervention. “It’s a serious challenge to the UN Charter and Principle of peaceful co-existence. Therefore, we call the US and other countries to respect the principle of noninterference, national sovereignty and peaceful co-existence.”
Juan Guaido on January 23 declared himself interim president claiming that the constitution gives him, as president of the congress, the authority to take over as interim president and form a transitional government until he calls new elections. The US and 16 nations of the Organization of American States immediately recognized Guaido as interim president.
Dahal had also appealed to the international community including the UN to stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela in their struggle to defend the national and people’s sovereignty.
The US Embassy in Nepal had sought the government’s official position on the political developments in the Latin American country after Dahal’s statement and the Foreign Ministry on January 29 issuing a statement said the government believes that there should be no external interference in internal affairs of any country.
The US State Department also summoned Nepali Embassy in America Arjun Karki to clarify about Nepal government’s position on the issue while US Ambassador to Nepal Randy Berry did not attend the government’s briefing to foreign diplomats held in presence of PM Oli last Thursday.
The ruling CPN then reiterated its stance against American interference in Venezuela and said the problem there should be resolved by the Venezuelans independently and through peaceful means.
The party’s secretariat meeting held at the PM’s official residence in Baluwatar on Monday clarified the party’s stance against American interference in Venezuela, and warned everybody concerned to not have any illusion about the issue and not indulge in misinformation about it.



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