CM Raut sends lollipop to PM through lawmaker

Lawmaker of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal (FSFN) in the ruling coalition Pradeep Yadav took out a lollipop from his coat’s pocket while speaking at the House of Representatives (HoR) on Tuesday and said chief minister (CM) of Province 2 has asked him to return it back to the prime minister (PM).

Speaking during the discussion on principles about the bill on Nepal Police and provincial police in the parliament, the lawmaker from Parsa pointed that PM KP Sharma Oli has been calling CMs from time to time and handing them lollipops of assurances.

“Our CM (Lal Babu Raut of Province 2) has said, ‘we are not kids.’ CM said ‘we will not be content with the lollipop given by the PM,'” Yadav quoted CM Raut as saying. “Dear Pradeep Yadav, do return this lollipop to the PM through the HoR speaker,” he said showing the lollipop to fellow lawmakers.

He claimed that the bill has made CDOs a mini king in the district and CMs a commander without an army. He took exception to the bill saying it has been brought to finish federalism. “This bill has been brought to make the CDOs mini kings and the CMS slaves,” he stressed.

He reminded how CMs have met PM Oli repeatedly and put their stance on the rights, and governance and administration. “The government is trying to kill its baby (federalism). What was federalism brought in this country for?” he asked.

He claimed that the bill has been incepted to kill federalism and demanded that the game to finish federalism must end.

The federal government had brought the bill that emasculated provincial government on January 14. The bill made the CDOs more powerful authorizing them to mobilize even the provincial police. “The provincial police must function as per the policies of the Nepal government and under instruction of the CDO,” the bill states. “The ministry of internal affairs of the province will have nominal control over the provincial police.”

The bill authorizes the federal government to choose even the uniform of provincial police, and says the weapons will be provided by the Nepal Police. The training of provincial police will also be as per the recommendations of Nepal Police.

Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa on Tuesday presented the bill for discussion on principles.



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